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About Cooling Hardware

PC cooling systems are one of the hottest – and coolest – computer hardware accessories available. Most computers, however, still do not come with a cooling system more advanced than the typical heat sink and cpu fan. Some computers, however, are being sold with liquid cooling systems, such as the Apple G5 Power Mac. The dual processors undoubtedly put out a great deal of excess heat that a simple copper heat sink and fan alone can not properly dissipate. Intel is also getting into the new cooling trend, claiming that it’s newest processors (of the Pentium 4 line) are approximately 20 degrees hotter than any chip currently produced by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).

Although these new processors all but absolutely require high-end cooling systems, it may not be a bad idea to add an additional cooling system to your 1-3 year old system. Your heatsink and fan can probably handle the heat, but the additional cooling can’t hurt. Here are some popular options if you are looking to add a new cooling system to your

Tips Clean Drum Roller in Printer

The drum roller of your toner printer can be cleaned and you might want to do that in order to increase its life cycle. In most cases a drum cartridge will last while using around 3 to 4 cartridges. After that, it will wear out. However, you can increase the life cycle through cleaning and this is something that you have to consider because the drum unit is quite expensive when compared to the toner cartridge.

Before we get started, remember that toner powder is dangerous because it is toxic until the transfer to paper is done. Handle it with care. Try to clean the drum roller when you notice:

  • Faded text
  • Paper marks or smudges
  • Paper jams often appear
  • Images have blank spots
  • Powder or lumps appear on the drum

Once again, remember that when you try to clean the drum roller you can damage it in the event that you make mistakes. Do that at your own risk!

We recommend that you take a close look at the user guide that comes with your printer or

Computer Repaired Onsite

There are a few advantages that you can get when it comes to having your computer repaired onsite. First would be the fact that you do not need to get out of your home in order to get it fixed. The second most important thing is that you can easily facilitate the repair yourself, as well as learn from the repair company on the proper ways to fix the problem. But the most important part of having an onsite computer repair company help you with your computer problem is the fact that you do not need to do anything else. You only need to call them, and they will be there to help you with any type of computer problems that is delaying your work or business.

Computers play a big role in our world today; having a computer system breakdown in the middle of a working day can cost people money. A lot more compared to just having an experienced company to fix your computer onsite. That is why they have been the choice of so many

DC Power Jacks in Laptop

Many of the laptop batteries do not have a real long battery life. There are ones that can be purchased that have a longer life but when you add in internet usage and other programs using the power, they do not really last as long as the maximum battery life. Some people may have an extra battery or two but without being able to charge them up, when they are drained, there is no more usage.

Everyone will use their computer for different reasons. If someone is using it for their job, they may have important files saved on that laptop. It could have the programs that they need to do certain parts of their job too.

There are going to be a lot of different styles available for every brand of laptop. This can make it very difficult to find what a person needs to find. Every kind of these will have many different ways to hook to the wires or the style of jack will be different.

When someone is using a laptop, they can use the battery life of the computer or plug it into a wall outlet. Some people will only

Electrical Powerboards

Modern computers are packed with so many resources each drawing their own current, greedily consuming the available power. For example, the PCs internal power supply wattage has steadily increased over the years to cope.

While most people wouldn’t realise the unseen risks they create when overloading power boards and not having adequate overload protection. Ensure your powerboard has good ventilation nearby and not covered-up causing unnecessary heat build-up.

People will try to charge their Bluetooth devices via the computer’s USB socket, however at times the PC hasn’t enough power to do so, i.e. iPad will often not recharge via a PC USB because of limited power available for recharging purposes. Therefore charge the device via the adapter supplied by Apple to a suitable power outlet.

Safety guidelines:


Do not overload the powerboard with too many big current consuming electrical appliances, for example, heaters draw big current

Do not exceed the manufacturer’s voltage and current rating, for example 10Amps and 240V

Do not use double adaptors on the powerboard

Do not position the powerboard in hot areas, for example, avoid placing near heater and sunny hot glass window


Tips pick Thunderbolt External Hard Drive

1. Seagate Thunderbolt External Drive

This is a great product from Seagate. Many people are interested with this device because it has a lot of features for all users. This device uses thunderbolt technology that can transfer for up to 30% faster than the regular portable hard drive devices. It is a great item that you should purchase for any backups that may have in your computer, laptop, or Mac. This product also allows you to share files to your friends or families easily. It can be connected to some social sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr. You can also download some files from these social sites easily. Backup your data now by using powerful device.

2. LaCie Rugged USB Thunderbolt Hard Drive

If you are looking for the best Thunderbolt external hard drive, you may want to consider this item. It is able to backup your data easily. This product is suitable for PC or Mac. Many people are interested with the transfer speed of this product. It can deliver data transfer speed for up to 110 MB/second. It is one of the fastest hard drive devices in the world. This device is

Tricks Create Own Virtual Private Network

Another option is to build your very own VPN with DD-WRT to achieve secure web browsing. There are about four steps to this process with an important warning. Do not use your primary router for this job, as you may need to use the internet to troubleshoot problems.

1. Getting DDT-WRT
Even though you can look up online how to flash a router with DD-WRT, your router still needs to have a compatible version of DD-WRT with the VPN tab under services. If the VPN tab is not there, update the instillation. Then you will need a good power source. If your router is struggling power wise under its regular load, this will put it past the breaking point, so make sure you have a big enough power source.

2. Write down the installation process
This is extremely important and you will need four things:
a. The username and password of the router you will be using.
b. The external IP address of the router ( for example.
c. The internal IP address of the router (192.168.300.1) for example.
d. Finally, you will need the internal DHCP range of the router.

3. Enabling the Virtual

About Power Resistor Selection

The ability of a resistor to both withstand and dissipate heat is directly related to both its construction (materials) and its physical size therefore key elements to consider when choosing a power resistor include:

1. The required resistance value
2. The Watts to be dissipated by the resistor
3. The required physical size given volts, Watts dissipation (2), maximum temperatures, environmental and mounting conditions.
4. The most appropriate resistor construction.

The resistance value will be determined by the application, the circuit and the correct application of Ohms Law. The power or Wattage can then be calculated using P=I2R. As the power equation is a square law it is important to remember that only a small change in current or voltage will produce a proportionally much higher change in the Wattage so maximum voltage and the actual current should be used.

The required physical size and the resistor construction are then linked. For power resistors thick film resistor and wirewound resistors are the most common constructions. The choice of the most appropriate construction and the required size and mounting method (including heat sinking) is a complex decision involving a number of factors. Some of these factors

Must Use Server Parts

You are probably thinking that you will need to go out right now and purchase a brand new server so that your office will be at optimal networking efficiency. That is not true in the least. In fact, buying a new server is more than likely a waste of your precious money, especially at this time. Your best bet would be to either buy a refurbished server, which are very high quality and are guaranteed to work if they are truly refurbished, or build one yourself from used server parts. Not only will that save you a buck, but if you buy refurbished server parts, then you are keeping them out of landfills, which is helping the environment.

If this is the endeavor you plan to take on, you need to know what the most important pieces are and what they do. Below are just a few of the most important pieces of equipment that go into making a server. Yes, there are several components that go into making a server, or any computer. However, the following are arguably the most important. They include processors, memory, power supplies, and so on.


In order for

Information of Gaming Keyboards

The best thing players can do is to opt to buy gaming keyboards. These keyboards as the name implies, are customized for the convenience of the players. Generally, the manufacturers of these keyboards take the model of the regular keyboards and think about the changes that can be highly helpful for the players of video and computer games. This will provide them the opportunity to easily control the video games.

Normally, these keyboards are equipped with reprogrammable keys that can serve any function assigned by the users to them. This provides the opportunity for each player to create a tailor-made set up for their convenience. Also, these keyboards come with inbuilt joystick, which will provide the opportunity to the players to seamlessly and easily control different axis of movement in conjunction with the mouse.

Nowadays, most of the shopping enthusiasts are focused towards the comfort feature when it comes to deciding on one product over the other. This purpose can be rightly solved when you buy gaming keyboards. This is because, these products make the effort to be more ergonomic to the users. They also provide better wrist support and also natural arm position can be

Some Types of Barcode Scanners

Laser bar-code scanners are quite popular and an effective choice. These devices emit a thin red laser which accurately and quickly reads the barcode within a short timeframe of about one second. Besides, they can also read barcodes at longer distances compared to their LED counterparts. LED scanners are used in many stores as well.

2D scanners first read the barcodes as images and later transmit the full code as an image file saved to a database. The same applies to the Imager scanner too. Operating these two types of scanners is quite challenging as they do not have any moving parts; however, they can survive more use and tougher conditions.

Forms of bar-code scanners

These gadgets come in different forms as well. Your choice will depend mainly on the nature of your business and your needs. The most commonly used ones in the checkout lines are the handheld scanners. These are provided with a handle and generally have a trigger button which will signal the laser or LED to take the reading once pressed.

Pen scanners are popular and look like a ballpoint pen. These scanners should be pointed towards and swiped across

Electronic Waste Recycling Tricks

· Sale

Online auctions offer an alternative for businesses and consumers looking for an opportunity to resell their used electronic. Online classified ads offer an ideal platform that links sellers to buyers.

As a result, businesses looking for a cost-effective technique of recycling large amounts of electronics opt to sell most of their e-waste. They have the option of selling their electronics to online auctions in exchange for a small fee.

· Donation

Businesses and each consumer have the option of donating their electronics to charity. There are several charitable organizations that receive used and old electronics to give them to the needy, such as schools in the developing nations.

· Take back

Some of the major computer manufacturers provide take back options. Therefore, before purchasing a product it is important to find out from the vendor if they provide recycling services.

Once your electronic has outlived its useful life, you can make arrangements for the manufacturer to come and pick it. Alternatively, you can mail your old electronic. The recycling option can be offered for a free or a small fee.

· Exchange

Some manufacturers offer the option

Tips to Fix Dead Hard Drive

Here are the things that you have to do to fix a faulty hard drive.

* Connect cables properly. There are mainly 3 connectors that you should take note of, and these are 1) SATA Power Connector, 2) SATA Interface Cable, which can be recognized by one, fat red or black cord, and 3) 4-Pin Molex Power Connector, which has 4 thin cords. You have to make sure that they are all properly plugged, but before doing so, unplug the computer from the socket first. Then, you can start booting the computer again.

* Install drives internally. First, make sure that you take the hard drive from its case and install the drive internally on your computer by using a SATA/IDE Cable. You can also use a new USB drive to make sure that enclosures have been properly hooked.

* Check BIOS or use another PC to look for a list of drives. This is essential so that you’d know if the hard drive is recognized by the computer. Enter DEL, F10, or F2 to be able to check BIOS setting after you have turned on the PC. Check “Advanced Settings” to see the list

Useful Configure DNS

Learning to configure DNS by following guidelines on a trusted online site

Configuring DNS is not that hard but you need to it by following the right procedure and following all the guidelines to ensure the configuration is safe and correctly done. You can download a video or text tutorial on how to configure DNS in your computer. You can also choose to follow guidelines or steps on how to configure the system in your computer in an online site that provides information on what DNS is how it works and the best way on how to configure it. Ensure you read through the steps more than twice and by understanding the concept on how to configure the Domain Name System.

Hire and expert to install the DNS in your computer

If you seem to have little knowledge on DNS, how it works and the correct procedure on how to configure it, then in might be convenient for you to hire an internet or IT expert to configure the system in your computer. Hiring an expert with vast knowledge on how the internet operates, domain names and IP addresses can be one of the best

Information of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is nothing, but a type of crypto-currency and the great thing about this currency is that it has brought about a great revolution in the online financial market. When talking about finances, experts are of the opinion that this is an incredibly innovative concept. Bitcoin mining is turning out to be a business for many people these days and they can find a wide range of bitcoin miner hardware programs in the market. Like many other products and features, purchasers are generally interested in arriving at the best mining software.

Once a manufacturer has used a hardware program like antminer, the value of his production will be determined on the basis of a specific algorithm. As each and every thing happens in a transparent manner, no one involved in the production process will get any surprises. Also, the central agency is not admitted to take control over the supply of this currency as against flat currencies. Also, its production is limited to the 21 million mark. As soon as this mark is reached, the software and hardware papers will automatically stop. So, this is the right time to procure these things.

What are the features

All about RAID Cache

Memory cache is comprised of high-speed silicon memory DRAM chips. The access time for writing data to or reading data from DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) is roughly 106, or a million times faster than the typical access time for writing directly to or reading directly from a set of disk drives. In a posted-write operation, as soon as the host computer writes data to the cache, the write operation is completed; and the host is freed up immediately to perform another operation. The host does not have to wait for the write data to be transferred to disk. Therefore, use of cache memory on RAID controllers significantly speeds up write operations and increases overall system performance. Current cache amount varies from 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and even 4GB.

Another advantage the cache provides is, in case of a system failure and depending on the size of the buffer, the cache will hold information until the system can get back online which helps prevent or minimize data loss. Of course, the cache might lose charge eventually (within about 30 minutes) so RAID controllers usually come with a battery backup unit (BBU) to hold the charge longer until

Some Different Storage for DVDs

Wallet cases:

The storage capacity of a wallet case depends on the number of sleeves it has. Some wallet cases have a number of pages and look like a book. As each of these pages have 4 disc slots, you can store hundreds of DVDs in a single wallet. Small-sized cases containing 4 to 6 sleeves are also available. They are compact and make disc access simple. Some wallet cases are as big as briefcases and are provided with zips.

DVD tins:

DVD tins are storage cases that provide high-end, professional packaging. Some DVD tins have a window through which you can see the title of the disc and other information. Some of them come with a tray for convenient storage of multiple discs. These tins come with a removable lid. DVD tins are usually made of metal or plastic and can be used when you have many discs to store.

Multi-way cases and Plastic tubs:

Multi-disc storage items are available in the form of tubs and cases. Multi-way cases contain swing trays or booklet clips that allow an inlay to be inserted. These cases can hold a maximum of 10 to 12

About CD Duplication

CD Duplication is the process of producing a copy of a CD master disc by “burning” audio or data information onto a blank CD Recordable disc (CD-R) using a laser. Although digital audio formats have become increasingly popular over the last decade the CD still holds more than half of the market share with regards to the number of audio albums sold.

The burning process is carried out using an optical drive. Optical drives can be found in almost all laptops and desktop PCs. The drive consists of a tray in which the disc is placed; in the case of a laptop optical drive, the laser that burns information onto the disc is integrated into the tray and can be seen when the drive tray is ejected. In PC based optical drives, which tend to be larger units, the tray simply holds the disc in place and the laser is contained within the body of the drive. When efficiently automated, the process is fast. Fully finished and packaged batches of 1,000 or 2,000 discs can be produced in 2 to 3 working days which is ideal for short notice orders and projects with tight time constraints.

Small Hardware Devices

A majority of the portable healthcare devices out there today concentrate on patient monitoring or diagnosing making use of self-application sensors (heart rate, blood sugar levels, temperature, and so forth). As semiconductor technology remains miniaturized, more could be packed in the available space, like higher multi-core processors, enhanced RAM and storage, HD displays, or various connectivity IC options. For devices to decline in size and become more useful, the components must greatly improve.

The product needs to be as reliable as possible or include a failsafe mechanism to eliminate any destructive consequences. To accomplish this, most companies are supplying extra shielding to protect from external noise. This noise consists of mainly electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Wireless technology is ready to play off these latest devices because more companies are introducing more effective connectivity options such as Bluetooth, which could use low powered devices by means of their 4.0 iteration, featuring the preceding version’s protocols integrated within a Wi-Fi platform (referred to as Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready).

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Zigbee also are preferred selections for mobile healthcare devices, as they simply can create a swift stable connection,